Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Available sizes
Bottle - 250 mL
Bottle - 500 mL
Bottle - 750 mL
Bottle - 1 L
Tin - 3 L
Tin - 5 L
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The oil that comes from the first "pressing" of the olive solely by mechanical or other physical means, and is extracted without using heat (a cold press) or chemicals. The oil must not be altered in any way. It can only be treated by washing, decanting, centrifuging and filtering. Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains no more than 0.8% acidity (0.8 grams per 100 grams, expressed as oleic acid), and is judged to have a superior taste. The less the Olive Oil is handled, and the closer it is to its natural state, the better the oil. If the Olive Oil meets all the criteria, it can be designated as "extra virgin". It must have no flavor or aroma faults and defects.

NOTE: All of our extra virgin olive oils registered an acidity of much less than 0.8% at the time of crush, and the majority falling between 0.3 and 0.5%.